Tao Lin Xia (Hànzì: 陶林夏 Pinyin: Táo Línxià, On'yomi: Tō Rinka) is a chef and waitress at the Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant in Dobuita and the wife of Tao Duo Ji.


Lin Xia was born in Hui Zhou, Guangdong, to a family of chefs. When she was 19 years old, she moved to Yokohama to work at the Ma Ming Lou, where her uncle was working. It is here where she met her husband Duo Ji. She often comments on how beautiful she was in her younger days, but strangely enough, this claim is never confirmed by Duo Ji. The success of the Ajiichi can mainly be attributed to Lin Xia. She took the initiative in the restaurant’s early days and added authentic Guangdongese dishes to the menu. She seems to be the head of the family.


  • Lin Xia's zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a A blood type.
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