" I think a good one is ready to come out of this capsule toy machine! Ryo! Please give me 100 yen! "
― Tatsuya asking Ryo for money to buy a capsule toy. [src]

Tatsuya Yamamoto (山本達也 Yamamoto Tatsuya) is a young boy who is a fan of Capsule Toys.


Tatsuya has very strict parents who nag him endlessly about his studies, so he goes out often and comes back late, which makes his parents even angrier. His monthly allowance from his parents is only 500 yen, so he doesn't waste the money.

Tetsuya can't afford to try the Capsule Toy Machine, his favorite past time next to eating snacks, so he always tries to persuade Ryo Hazuki, and any other adults he knows, to give him money. He sometimes flatters Nozomi Harasaki and Mayumi Mishima to finagle money out of them. Sly examples include him saying, "Ryo said you are cute," to Mayumi and then pestering her for money. When Ryo found out, he scolded Tatsuya severely, but the young boy never learned his lesson. Ryo sympathizes with him a bit because he also liked the Capsule Toy Machines when he was a child, but Iwao Hazuki didn't give him enough money for it either.

Still, Ryo worries about Tatsuya because he shows no interest in making friends and is more concerned with trying to get prizes.


  • Tatsuya's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a A blood type.


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