"Hah! You like me that much? Let me invite you to hell!"
―Terry before fleeing and letting the 70 men fight Ryo and Guizhang.[src]

Terry Ryan (テリー・ライアン Terī Raian), also known as Terry of Yokosuka is a central antagonist in the first chapter of the Shenmue saga and the leader of the Mad Angels, a street gang based in the New Yokosuka Harbor District. Cold, cruel and ultimately ruthless, Terry's sole ambition is to expand the criminal enterprises of the Mad Angels and bring them to the forefront of the Japanese underworld. He uses his expansive criminal network to track down the location of Iwao Hazuki and is instrumental in assisting Lan Di (and by greater association Chi You Men) retrieve the Dragon Mirror. By working with the Chi You Men, Terry hopes to gain control of Yokosuka and expand the influence of the Mad Angels overseas while also eliminating any opposition to the gang.


While commanding all aspects of the Mad Angels illicit activities Terry only associates with high ranking members of the gang (lower ranking members simply refer to him as 'The Boss of the Mad Angels').

Terry is a coward that uses weaponry such as metal pipes in combat. He is very weak in hand-to-hand combat, and will use unfair techniques like throwing dirt into his opponents eyes, and then attacking them while they are unguarded.


Terry's main adversary is Master Chen and his son Guizhang Chen whose antiques business prevents him from gaining a monopoly on the Yokosuka - Hong Kong shipping route.

In an attempt to permanently remove this opposition, Terry orchestrates Nozomi Harasaki's kidnapping and uses her to blackmail Ryo Hazuki into fighting Guizhang (with an additional incentive that he will lead Ryo to Lan Di if he injures Guizhang sufficiently). Terry ultimately reneges on the agreement and uses the full force of The Mad Angels in an attempt to kill both Ryo and Guizhang. This proves unsuccessful and with their combined efforts Ryo and Guizhang are able to crush the gang and bring down Terry.


  • Terry's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a AB blood type.


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