"You think you got me huh!?"
―Tetsuya fighting Ryo in Dobuita — Listen (file info)[src]

Tetsuya Nagashima (長島哲也 Nagashima Tetsuya) is a high school delinquent who can often be seen around Dobuita with Akio Enoki.


Tetsuya acts like a thug, but in reality he isn't very strong at all, so he tries to always stick with Enoki or Goro Mihashi. Despite this, he has recently begun to think seriously about his life and doesn't like what he is becoming, so he intends to sort himself out and start fresh after he graduates from high school.

Extra / Alternate Scenes

  • After the day of the Heart Beats event on a clear day a extra free battle can occur with Tetsuya and Akio at Sakuragaoka Park. This can only be done if the QTE battle with them is done. Nozomi Harasaki tries to stop them from beating up a kid for throwing a toy plane at Akio's face. They start to sexually harass Nozomi until Ryo comes in to stop them.
  • Another free battle can occur only if the QTE battle and the previous free battle are done. At night when Ryo walks into one of the gang's hideouts, they ambush him and fight.
  • If Ryo fails to find a way to enter the New Warehouse #8; the next day at the harbor, Tetsuya and Goro help him enter the warehouse by distracting the security guards.


  • Tetsuya's zodiac sign is Scorpio and he has a O blood type.
  • There's a secret scene where Nozomi can actually help Ryo fight Nagashima and Enoki at Sakuragaoka Park. For this to trigger, Ryo must increase the kitten's affinity score above 500, which can be done by feeding her 5 sliced fish. Then after triggering the scene at Sakuragaoka Park, rapidly press Y Y B X A A A (△ △ 〇 ▢ ✕ ✕ ✕ for PS4) in sequence. The timing for pressing this is during the first 8 or so seconds after the cutscene has started, showing Ryo walking along the road in Sakuragaoka towards the park, up until just before Nagashima appears. [1]


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