Tomato Convenience Store (or Tomato Store for short) (トマトマート Tomato Māto, "Tomato Mart" in Shenmue I, トマトコンビニ Tomato Konbini in Shenmue II) is a convenience store which is located in Dobuita, the New Yokosuka Harbor District, and the Golden Quarter in Wan Chai. Ryo Hazuki can purchase items such as food, batteries, matches, candles, or cassette tapes.

Products (Dobuita and Harbor Lounge)

Item Price
Box of Matches ¥50
Lightbulb ¥90
Milk ¥100
Caramel ¥120
Potato Chips ¥120
Chocolate ¥120
AA Size Battery ¥150
C Size Battery ¥150
Candle ¥150
Canned Tuna ¥180
Cassette Tapes ¥300
Dried Fish ¥300
Flashlight ¥500
Sliced Fish ¥500

Raffle Prizes

If Ryo buys either Caramel, Potato Chips, Chocolate, or a cassette tape he gets to enter a raffle and could possibly win a rare Item. Although the chances are very low.

  • First Prize - A stereo for Ryo's room (black, red, or silver)
  • Second Prize - Hang On or Space Harrier Sega Saturn Game
  • Third Prize - Final Take Off Cassette, Hang On Cassette, Magical Sound Shower Cassette or Space Harrier Cassette
  • Fourth Prize (Dobuita) - Super Sonic, Metal Sonic, Hot Dog Truck, or B.B. Ultra Capsule Toy
  • Fourth Prize (Harbor Lounge) - Forklift Blue, Forklift Red, Ferry, or Crane Capsule Toy
  • Fifth Prize - Random Capsule Toy

Products (Wan Chai)

Item Price
Potato Chips $8
Chocolate $8
Caramel $8


If Ryo buys either Potato Chips, Chocolate, or Caramel in the Wan Chai Tomato Store, he gets a random Capsule Toy it could be a animal toy, a rare toy, or a common toy.


  • The Tomato Convenience Store is seen in Sega's Crazy Taxi: City Rush scattered throughout the mapping.


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