Wang Guang Ji (Hànzì: 王高基, Pinyin: Wáng Gāojī, On'yomi: Wan Kōki) is an apprentice working at Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant in Yokosuka. He is the twin brother of Guangyan Wang, who lives at the Yan Tin Apartments in Wan Chai.


Guang Ji usually hangs around the drink vending machine near Nagai Industries. When Ryo Hazuki approaches Guang Ji, he says that he's thirsty but does not have any change to buy a drink. Ryo can choose to buy him a drink he recommends or not. If he does buy him a drink, he is very appreciative.

When Ryo is trying to find someone to translate the Chinese letter that was sent to his father, he can ask Guang Ji to translate it, but only if he buys him a drink first. Guang Ji could not translate it because the kanji is "weird" (Turns out the kanji characters were reversed) and suggests he asks his Japanese teacher Xia Xiu Yu at Russiya China Shop.

Later on when Ryo is trying to find a cheap way to travel overseas, he can get the information about traveling by boat from Guang Ji instead of Nozomi Harasaki. He reveals that when he first came to Japan as an apprentice he came by boat.


  • Wang's zodiac sign is Cancer and he has a O blood type.


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