Wu Li Xian (Hànzì: 呉李賢, Pinyin: Wú Lǐxián, On'yomi: Go Riken) trained under the tailor Liu Gong Hui who was a member of the Three Blades.


Wu came to Japan, accompanied by Yong Zhu Yan, a younger student from the same country. However, Yong quit training soon after. Wu wanted to continue his training, but he left the place together with Yong, feeling responsible for his dropping out. Then they started to work at a factory. He still respects Liu Gong Hui. He would like to continue living in Japan, but he knows he should be saving money to build a large house for his parents and siblings who are waiting for him in China, otherwise Yong would get angry with him. He is supposed to work hard for five more years, but he actually doesn’t care at all.


Ryo Hazuki can come into contact with Wu at Bar Yokosuka when searching for members of the Three Blades. He was referred to him and Yong by Junko Yamamoto. They explain their history as three blade members. They then refer him to Liu-san at Liu Barber & Hair Salon as he knows the Chinese best out of the people in Dobuita.


  • The wording of Wu and Yong's dialogue about their history as three blade members can be different depending on if Ryo speaks to Wu or Yong first or asks the bartender Teruhiko Saijo about them.
  • Wu's zodiac sign is Capricorn and he has a B blood type.


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