"It'll be years before you can stand in my way!"
―Ren after attacking Ryo when they first meet — Listen (file info)[src]

Wuying Ren (Hànzì: 刃武鷹, Pinyin: Rèn Wǔyīng, On'yomi: Ren Ūin), commonly known as Ren of Heavens, is the leader of the notorious gang the Heavens. Ren's gang is based in Beverly Hills Wharf, Aberdeen.

Xianweng Ni (Wong), another member of the Heavens, looks up to Ren as an older brother, though they are not related.


Ren is charismatic and both his words and actions lead the way. He doesn't trust anyone, and is obsessed with money. He is quick-witted and good at gambling, largely due to his prowess at cheating. He is mischievous and has two coins, with one having heads on both sides while the other having tails on both sides, which he uses to get his way.

Shenmue II

Ren QTE Fail 4

Ren attempting to attack Ryo after he pays him $500.

Ryo Hazuki first comes into contact with Ren after being told to find him by Shuqin Zhang, because he knows where Yuanda Zhu is located at. After paying him $500, Ren agrees to meet with Ryo, although attempts to attack him with his knife. Ren will successfully attack him depending on if the Command QTE is failed or not.

If failed, Ryo will be attacked by Ren, then his henchmen kick him while he's down on the ground. After this, Wong will bring Ryo to his boat and warn him to be more careful.

If succeeded, Ryo will dodge all his attacks and then he agrees to take him to Zhu, seeing that he is serious. Ren will then lead him to one of the warehouses in the area where a deal is being made. However, Ren interrupts the deal by turning off the lights and stealing the money, leaving Ryo to fight the men, which are members of the Yellow Head gang with the high-ranking executive of the gang Yuan.

Ren then goes to Pigeon Park to meet up with Sam, Larry, and Cool Z but is quickly tracked down by Ryo again. Ren agrees to reveal where Zhu is this time, but only if he can catch him and runs off. Ryo follows Ren into Lucky Plaza, a building under construction on Queen's Street. Ren is chased all the way to the roof despite his many attempts to slow Ryo down. At the end of the chase, Ryo adds weight by jumping on the scaffolding that Ren was on, causing the scaffolding to collapse, sending them both onto the back of a covered van. On here, while they catch their breath, Ren spots the Phoenix Mirror that fell out of Ryo's pocket while they fell. After hearing his story about how he is after the Lan Di for revenge, who Ren recognizes as a member of the Chi You Men, he becomes a lot more interested in helping him out, thinking there must be a large amount of money involved in whatever is going on. He leaves revealing to Ryo that Zhu is in Kowloon and to meet him there.

Ren, along with Cool Z on lookout, arrive in Kowloon before Ryo does, waiting for him at his hideout on Dragon Street. They head out to visit Yang, who Ren says worked for Yuanda Zhu before. Once they arrive, Yang arranges a meeting for them with Zhu in the Dancing Dragon Building. However, the meeting was a set-up and the two are lead to the Yellow Head gang leader Dou Niu. Unable to escape, they are handcuffed together and locked up inside a small room.


Ren and Ryo hiding from Yellow Heads.

Two days pass and they take their action to escape. Ryo fakes an illness to get the guard to open the door, allowing them to knock him out and make a run. The building is full of guards, so they are forced to stay on the roof until the morning. The next morning they attempt to escape, however they are stopped by Yuan who is armed with a knife. After they stop him, Dou Niu arrives and is enraged at them for hurting Yuan and chases them forcing the two into a dead-end with their only way of escaping being jumping off the broken fire-escape onto the roof of the near building. Having no other option, they make the jump and get away without a problem and head back to the hideout. Being both handcuffed together they ask for Wong who is especially skilled at picking locks. Once Wong arrives he separates the two, also during this time Joy also arrived in Kowloon to check up on them, and yell at Ryo for not saying goodbye.

Shen2 We've been followed

Ren and Ryo find Zhu and are confronted by Yuan.

Next they head back to Yang's place to interrogate him about what happened, but there were not any useful clues. They eventually find a lead with Yuan. In Yuan's room, they rescue Zhang, and then find Yuanda Zhu hiding in the Ghost Hall Building. Unfortunately, Zhu is captured by Yuan and Dou Niu.

Knowing that the Yellow Heads are involved somehow they check out the Yellow Head Building but there's no way to enter due to there being guards at every entrance. With little other leads, Ryo uses the Chawan Sign to make contact with associates of Yuanda Zhu and get a new lead. Ren sits this out and waits for Ryo to learn some new information.

Doing this leads them to a secret entrance to the Yellow Head Building through a network of sewer tunnels. Ryo and Ren enter the building and work their way up, trying to avoid being caught. This only holds out for so long as their presence is discovered, causing the two to run. Eventually after stopping Yuan, they learn where Zhu is being held, on the 40th floor. Ren then tells Ryo to head there while he holds back the Yellow Head gang members that have been chasing them.

Later on, Ren meets up with Ryo, Joy and Wong who are all on the roof where Dou Niu is trying to hand Zhu over to Lan Di through his helicopter. This does not go according to plan, with Ryo dealing with Dou Niu, while Ren fights off the various Chi You Men members.

With Dou Niu defeated and Yuanda Zhu rescued, they all head back to Ren's Hideout where Zhu explains all that he knows about Lan Di, Iwao Hazuki and the Phoenix and Dragon mirrors. Ryo then heads to Guilin, while Ren stays behind at his hideout. Ren indirectly gives Ryo his coins as a gift.

Shen2 Ren throws blade on Guilin map

Ren throws his knife to the Guilin location on the map.

After hearing about the treasures in Guilin from Zhu during his explanation, Ren becomes very interested in them and throws his knife to the Guilin location on the map on his wall. He then says that "Things are getting interesting." hinting that he will head to Guilin.

Shenmue III


Ren decides to help Ryo.

Ryo meets Ren again by chance, who has come to Niaowu in search of treasure. Ryo has Ren help him try to fight the Red Snakes leader, Longqi Ge, but the two are unsuccessful.

When Ryo and Ren plan on fighting Longqi again, they find a woman, Feng Li, alone in their warehouse hideout. Ryo and Ren ask where the Red Snakes went. She vaguely tells them that the land belongs to her, so she had them leave. She tells them that the gang are in the old castle and abducted Shenhua Ling. When Ryo and Ren return to Hotel Niaowu, they find a letter from Feng saying that if Ryo wants to save his "little girlfriend", he should come to the old castle and bring the Phoenix Mirror with him. Later, Ren shows Ryo a fake Phoenix Mirror he found by chance at a local store, which could serve helpful in rescuing Shenhua.

Ryo takes a boat to the old castle with Ren and some others. Ryo and Ren find Niao Sun waiting for them. Ryo realizes Niao is a disguise of Feng Li. Knowing that if Niao realizes the mirror is a counterfeit that Shenhua could die, Ryo trades Niao the real Phoenix Mirror in exchange for Shenhua's life.

Ryo and Ren fight their way to the top of the castle, defeating Longqi. Ryo confronts Lan Di, intending to complete his revenge, but Lan Di proves too powerful for Ryo. Niao has her bodyguards burn the headquarters, and Ryo and Ren are forced to flee. The group leaves Niaowu by boat. Ryo, Shenhua and Ren are last seen walking along the Great Wall of China.


  • Ren's zodiac sign is Sagittarius and he has a AB blood type.
  • Initially he was going to be called "Ryu" or "Fei". However, the Shenmue team found out that those names often appeared in other companies' games.
  • Ren's name appears on the very top ranking for the Hang-On arcade game in the first Shenmue.
  • Ren appears as a character in the mobile game SEGA Heroes.

Extra / Alternate Scenes

Extra information or alternate actions are given by Ren, if Ryo performs certain commands.

  • The Command QTE battle with Ren can be altered if the player inputs only part of the command correctly. If the player inputs only left, Ryo dodges an attack, then Ren cuts him with the knife and kicks him down to the ground. If the player inputs both left and right, then Ryo dodges two attacks, and Ren puts his hand in the air distracting him then elbows him down to the ground. [1]
  • When at Yang's place Great View Herbs, Ren asks Ryo to ring the bell to get Yang to come out. If Ryo waits a long time, Ren will ring the bell instead of Ryo, triggering Yang to come out. [2]
  • When Ren and Ryo break out the cell handcuffed together in the Dancing Dragon Building and Ryo fails the second QTE run four times in a row; he and Ren will be put back into the cell. They wait in the cell for three days and on the third day, Ren tells Lu Zhang as he is walking by that they'll him about Yuanda Zhu. Once he opens the door, Ryo punches him, pushes him to the ground and Ren kicks him knocking him out. They then leave to retry the run.
  • When Ren and Ryo are walking to Great View Herbs after Yang betrayed them, Ryo can converse with Ren and they will talk about Ren's relationship with Joy.
  • While looking for Yuan, two extra cutscenes with Ren can trigger.
    • The first one will show Ren going to sleep at his hideout and is basically the setup cutscene for the scene that follows after. To trigger this, gather some information about Yuan but don't go to the bird shop or the Moon Child Orphanage. Simply let the time pass and go back to the hideout after 9:00 pm and go to sleep. It's essential not to go there any earlier. It also works when you get teleported to the hideout automatically at 11:00 pm [3]
    • To trigger the other extra cutscene where Ryo will wake Ren up, you will have to go to the knife shops while asking around for Yuan and find out he has a talking bird or go to the bird shop where he will be during nighttime, so you will be unable to trigger following Yuan until the next night. Then go back to the hideout and go to sleep. The next morning you'll randomly get a cutscene of Ryo waking up Ren instead of Cool Z waking up Ryo with his boombox.[4]


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