Xia Xiu Yu (Hànzì: 夏秀玉, Pinyin: Xià Xiùyù, On'yomi: Ka Shūgyoku) is the owner of Russiya China Shop in Dobuita, Yokosuka. She is also Xie Gao Wen's grandmother, an acquaintance of Kame Shibukawa and Wang Guang Ji's teacher.


Ryo Hazuki enters her shop when looking for someone to translate the Chinese letter that was sent to Iwao Hazuki. Xia Xiu Yu thanks Ryo for helping her grandson Gao Wen in Sakuragaoka. Ryo asks her to translate the letter and she does. Later, once Ryo finds the Phoenix Mirror he can enter Xia Xiu Yu's shop again and she will give him some information about the mirror.


  • Xia's zodiac sign is Libra and she has a B blood type.


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