"I'm sorry! I'll do anything if you'll forgive me!"
―Wong to Ryo

Xiangweng Ni (Hànzì: 倪賢翁, Pinyin: Ní Xiánwēng, On'yomi: Gei Ken'ō), more commonly known as Wong (ウォン Uon), is the youngest member of Wuying Ren's gang, The Heavens.


Although Wong doesn't seem very friendly, he shows care and affection for Ryo as the story progresses, to the point where he saves him in Kowloon, it's presumed he takes Ryo as his big brother.


Much of Wong's past is a mystery and he appears to be an orphan. It is also unknown who his parents are. In a conversation with Ryo he says he doesn't even know how mom or dad look like.

Shenmue II

Shen2 Wong throws marbles

Wong throws marbles at Ryo to slow him down.

Wong is first seen when Ryo Hazuki first arrives at Hong Kong pretending to act like he's in trouble but then he, Sam, Larry, and Cool Z steal Ryo's bag with all his money and Phoenix Mirror inside of it. Ryo eventually finds Wong at Pigeon Park and chases him. Depending if Ryo fails or not he could chase Wong to the gang's hideout or fail and have to find the gang at the Lai Lai Eatery. Ryo then fights Sam and Larry at either their hideout, the Lai Lai Eatery, or Pigeon Park. If Ryo fails all the fights with them, he will interrogate Cool Z in front of a toy capsule machine. No matter what the outcome is, Wong shows Ryo where his bag is. Ryo notices the money is gone. Wong admits that the gang spent the money gambling. Wong then tells Ryo about the Come Over Guest House and that the man there is very knowledgeable.


Wong giving Ryo his Heavens lighter.

Wong is seen again later after the Heavens ambush Ryo and beat him up. It is revealed that Wong lives in a boat outside the waters of Beverly Hills Wharf. Ryo stays at the boat for awhile. The next morning, Wong gives Ryo his Heavens Zippo so he can get into Beverly Hills Wharf. He does not need it because he is well known. If Ryo does not have $500 right away to give Wuying Ren and goes to Wong's boat at night; he will give Ryo advice to work at Lucky Hit stands or gamble to make money. If Ryo fails the fight with two Yellow Heads after Ren tricks Ryo; Yuan and the Yellow Heads tie him up. Wong then comes to untie him. If Ryo succeeds the fight, Joy and Wong are standing outside and Joy tells him Ren is at Pigeon Park. When Ryo has to leave Wan Chai for Kowloon, he says goodbye to Wong first telling him he was very helpful.

When in Kowloon; Ryo and Ren get handcuffed together and eventually end up back at Ren's hideout. Wong comes to pick the lock since he is good at lock picking. Before he does it he asks Ren to promise to bring Ryo back to Wan Chai. Ren accepts but lies.

Later, Wong follows Ren and Ryo to the basement of the Yellow Head Building. Wong unlocks a door and tells Ryo that Zhu is being held captive on the 17th floor and gives him a map. Wong stays in the basement.

Wong is soon found by Dou Niu and is almost dropped to his death on the roof. Ryo saves Wong from Dou Niu. Upon hearing he needs to leave for Guilin, Ryo parts ways with Wong and Joy.


Extra / Alternate Scenes

If Ryo performs certain commands, there will be extra and/or alternate scenes with Wong.

  • If Ryo fails the first QTE in the chase with Wong, where he throws the marbles, and goes back to to the area where failed, an extra / alternate scene will trigger. Ryo demands Wong gives him back his bag and Wong is on his knees saying how sorry he is. Ryo just asks for his bag with his legs spread out so Wong craws in between his legs and the chase continues. This scene can be different depending on if Ryo walks towards Wong from behind or in front of him.
  • If multiple QTEs in the chase are failed after the marble QTE or after the alternate scene above, another alternate scene will trigger. Ryo encounters Wong and two other boys eating ice cream. Wong says that they owe "that Japanese guy" for it. Ryo demands his bag back again so Wong asks his friends to help him and runs away. The boys fail to stop Ryo and the chase continues. This scene can also be different depending on if Ryo walks towards them from behind or in front of them.
  • Another alternate scene in the chase can occur if the QTE where you jump the fence is failed. A police officer, Ji Yu stops Ryo saying that the place is off limits.
  • The last alternate scene in the chase can occur if all the fights with Sam and Larry are failed. It triggers when Ryo walks towards the path to the arm wrestling warehouse that is encountered in the beginning. Wong is buying a Virtua Fighter capsule toy with Cool Z standing next to him. Ryo interrogates Cool Z demanding to know where his bag is. Wong tells him he's sorry multiple times and shows him where his bag is.
  • An alternate scene can occur if the Command QTE with Ren is failed. Wong and an injured Ryo are on the roof of the boat and Wong tells Ryo to be careful or next time he could be killed.
  • If the fight with Yuan's men in the F Warehouse is failed another alternate scene can occur. Ryo is tied up, so Wong comes and unties him. Ryo asks if he's seen Ren and he replies that he saw him heading towards Piegon Park.


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