"Train more in kung fu before you come back."
―Bei to Ryo

Master Bei (Hànzì: 貝仙仔, Pinyin: Bèi Xiānzǐ, On'yomi: Bai Senshi) is a character in Shenmue III. He is apparently a solitary and serious-looking cormorant fisherman in Niaowu. In truth he's a master of Nanquan styles of martial arts.

Shenmue III

Ryo hears from Qiu Hsu that a strong kung fu master lives in Niaowu, by the fishing wharf. Master Bei refuses to help Ryo at first, stating that he's not ready, but finally agrees to teach him a single Bajiquan technique: the Reverse Body Check.

When Ryo needs to move on the other side of the Lijiang River to reach the old castle, master Bei joins Ryo in the effort to free Shenhua.


  • In the first trailers, the sparring scene involving Master Bei and Ryo showed another (possibly placeholder) character instead of Master Bei.
  • During the 2015 Kickstarter video, Yu Suzuki mentioned that the player would have met in Niawu a "Nanquan master", which is likely become then Master Bei.



Original artwork of the Nanquan master from the Kickstarter video.

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