Xiaomei Ding (Hànzì: 丁小梅, Pinyin: Dīng Xiǎoméi, On'yomi: Tei Shaomei) is the daughter of Jiangyu Ding.

As seen in an unlockable side story comic in the Xbox version of Shenmue II, Xiaomei is kidnapped by Chai on the boat to Hong Kong. Ryo Hazuki defeats Chai and rescues her.

Xiaomei is traveling with her mother to open up a shop called First Class Tailor, in the Lucky Charm Quarter. Ryo will be welcomed there any time he wants to ask for help. Later, she tells Ryo that her father is on his way to come join them and asks if he will come and meet him, but every time Ryo will politely decline.


  • Xiaomei's zodiac sign is Leo and she has a A blood type.
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