"You won't survive if you can't even defeat me."
―Xiuying to Ryo. — Listen (file info)[src]

Xiuying Hong (Hànzì: 红秀瑛, Pinyin: Hóng Xiùyīng, On'yomi: Kō Shūei) is a Tai Chi Martial Artist and master of the Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills, Wan Chai, where she goes by the name of Lishao Tao (Hànzì: 桃李少, Pinyin: Táo Lǐshǎo, On'yomi: Tō Rishō).

Master Chen tells Ryo Hazuki to get into contact with "Lishao Tao" when he arrives in Hong Kong, and he is unaware of her gender. Xiuying is well known and respected in the area.


"Are you taking this seriously?"
―Xiuying egging on Ryo during their spar

Xiuying dodging Ryo with ease.

Xiuying is an internal martial artist of an unspecified Taijiquan style and Bajiquan. She's the head of the Man Mo Temple. The full extent of her skills is unclear, but she has earned the rank of master at the age of 26. This makes her one of the youngest successors of a martial arts school. She either earned it through sheer talent or from family inheritance (many schools transfer their power to the next master based on relations and rarely about combat ability). Although young, she's well versed in Taoism, history, and internal martial arts, specializing in literary and martial arts.

Xiuying is a very thoughtful person and always thinks ahead before taking action. She does not speak much nor does she show much expression, but she hides a great deal of sorrow in her eyes. Xiuying encountered Ryo at the temple and decided to help him on his quest to find Lan Di. Realizing he's far from ready to face Lan Di in mortal combat, she took him into the temple and trained in mind, body, and spirit in hopes Ryo can continue his journey with greater combat skill, patience, and having control over his anger for Lan Di.


She and her brother Ziming Hong were both orphaned as children because their parents were murdered. They stayed at an orphanage where Fangmei Xun would eventually also stay at. They also grew up in the Thousand White Convent in the Thousand White Building in Kowloon.


Xiuying begging Ziming not to seek revenge.

Ziming planned to join the Chi You Men, believing that they would know who was responsible for the murder of his parents. Promising that he would return afterward, Ziming gave Xiuying half of his Yin Yang stone, keeping the other half with him. Xiuying never saw Ziming again after that moment, and she fears he has fallen onto the wrong path.

Xiuying used to live in the Yan Tin Apartments, and she currently lives in the Da Yuan Apartments.

Shenmue II

Shen2 Mind like a polished mirror

Xiuying teaching Ryo how to clear his mind by catching falling leaves.

Upon hearing Ryo is seeking for Lishao Tao, Xiuying has Hanhui Liu speak to Ryo to tell him he must learn the four wude first.

Eventually, Xiuying reveals her identity. She lets Ryo sleep in her room for a few days, although she asks him to some work to do at the temple by airing books. She is reluctant to help Ryo in his quest because she believes he is falling onto the wrong path. She tries to show Ryo this and that his skills are not good enough to encounter Lan Di with but her advice isn't enough to stop him.

Shen2 Xiuying vs Dou NIU

Xiuying confronting Dou Niu.

Xiuying comes to Ryo's aid numerous times, even going to Kowloon at one stage and saving him from Dou Niu. She lets him rest at her childhood chapel in the Thousand White Building. She asks him to not seek revenge and follow the path of evil, but he ignores her and leaves.

As Ryo leaves Hong Kong, she gives him half of a Yin Yang stone, not telling him that the other half is, or was, in her brother's possession.

Shenmue III

If Ryo calls Fangmei, she says that Xiuying is worried about Ryo. Ryo tells Fangmei to pass on a "hi" to her.


  • "You could have knocked." (when Ryo opens her room door and sees her crying looking at her brother's photo)
  • "You still don't understand. Martial arts are used to protect people's lives. If you use your fists otherwise, you will walk on the path of evil, too!"
  • "Fine. Do as you wish."


  • Kenji Miyawaki designed Xiuying. He had a clear picture in his mind of her dancing in a moonlit night, that is why he made her outfit bright blue like it was reflecting the moonlight. She was also one of the first fully formed characters.
  • Xiuying had been scheduled to be a young female martial artist ever since the game was in development for the Sega Saturn.
  • Xiuying's zodiac sign is Gemini, year of the rat, and she has a A blood type.
  • From Chinese 秀 (xiù) meaning "luxuriant, beautiful, elegant, outstanding" combined with 英 (yīng) meaning "flower, petal, brave, hero."


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