"The Phoenix Mirror! How did you get this?"
―Yeh to Ryo

Elder Yeh (Hànzì: 葉秀玉, Pinyin: Yè Xiùyù, On'yomi: Yō Shūgyoku) is a character in Shenmue III. She is is one of the eldest members of Bailu Village, alongside Wenxu Su and Jiusi Sun. She's the person who knows the most about the mysteries of the village's past, and she is the keeper of the keys to the hidden mechanism of the bell tower.

Shenmue III

Elder Yeh spends most of her time preparing medicines with rare herbs in the village. At first she doesn't want to share any information regarding the Verdant Bridge with Ryo, but when she learns that he owns the Phoenix Mirror, she changes her mind.


  • In 1987, Ye is completely blind, but she was able to see when she was a kid, in 1910. It's never explained how she lost her sight.
  • Her name is spelled "Yeh" with a final "H" instead of the correct "Ye", probably to avoid confusion with the family of Yanzin Ye.


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