Yang (ヤン Yan) is the owner of Great View Herbs in the Great View Building, Kowloon. He used to be an informant of Yuanda Zhu's, but now works for the leader of the Yellow Heads Dou Niu after being threatened by him. He prepares many kinds of medicines in the back of his shop, and gets some of his ingredients from the black market.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki first comes into contact with Yang when he and Wuying Ren go to visit him to try and get information on Yuanda Zhu. He agrees to set up a meeting with Zhu and gives them the place and time, however the meeting was a set-up and the both of them were brought straight into the hands of Dou Niu.

Once Ryo and Ren escape this trouble, they go back to visit Yang again to see what information they can get from him, and express their discontent at being set-up. He explains that he had no choice, he was threatened by Dou Niu, and that he absolutely has no idea where Zhu is. However he does leave them with a new lead, to find Huang the Wiretapper, as he may have some information.


  • Yang's zodiac sign is Gemini and he has a A blood type.
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