"I'm just your friendly neighborhood thug! Hah!"
―Yanlang to Ryo

Yanlang (Hànzì: 颜狼, Pinyin: Yánláng, On'yomi: Ganrō) is a character in Shenmue III. He is the leader of a trio of thugs who are attacking and kidnapping the stonemasons of Bailu Village.

Shenmue III

Yanlang is a huge Mongolian fighter who uses Mongolian wrestling (Bökh) moves to intimidate and bully the inhabitants of Bailu village. His main task was finding Yunshen Yuan, Shenhua Ling's adoptive father, and consigning him to the Chi You Men.

Ryo fights him a first time in the Rainbow Basin, then he attempts to defeat him a second time in the Hermit's Nest by attacking him by surprise, however in both fights Ryo is defeated. Only after a long training with Master Jiusi Sun, Ryo will be finally able to defeat him.

Yanlang is later bound to a chair and interrogated by Ryo and Shenhua. At first he's not willing to tell anything, but somehow Shenhua scares him so much that he tells the two everything he knows. After the interrogation, Shenhua suggests to let him free, in order not to risk that other members of the Chi You Men might attack the village to take him back.

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