"As long as I stay inside and lay low, I'll be safe."
―Yanzin to Ryo

Yanzin (Hànzì: 叶燕心, Pinyin: Yè Yànxīn, On'yomi: Yō Enshin) is a character in Shenmue III. He's a young stonemason, and an apprentice of Yunshen Yuan in Bailu Village. He lives in the Rainbow Basin with his mother, but when he realizes someone is attacking the local stonemasons, he hides in the meeting hall of the Hermit's Nest. Despite this, Yanlang and his thugs will still find him and keep him hostage. He'll be freed by Ryo and Shenhua.


  • His name is inconsistently spelled as "Yanzin" instead of the correct "Yanxin".
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