Yellow-Head-Bldg screen

Loading screen.

Ryo Vs Yuan 1

Ryo facing Yuan in the Yellow Head Bldg.

Shen2 Black Suit QTE 1

Ryo fighting off Chi You Men members on the staircase to the rooftop.

Screenshot 2015-07-09 17.30.37.png

Ryo about to face off Dou Niu on the rooftop.

The Yellow Head Building (黄天楼, literally yellow heaven building) is the biggest building in Kowloon, with entrances from the Stand, Thousand White and Dimsum Quarters. The building is the headquarters for the dangerous gang in the area, the Yellow Heads, and all entrances are heavily guarded. Later on in the game, it is revealed there is a secret underground entrance via the Thousand White Building.

Hidden in Room 222 of the building is a Hang On arcade machine.

The Big Ox Building (大牛楼) is a sub section of the Yellow Head Building containing the top floors where gang's leader, Dou Niu's main reception area seems to be. The lower is home to the street fights where Master Baihu can be found. The upper floors of the building are much more extravagantly decorated than the lower floors, with polished marble flooring, sculptures of Dou Niu himself, as well as paintings and large portraits of Dou Niu and Yuan. From this section of the building there is direct access to the rooftop.

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