DouNiu and Yellow Head

Minglu Wang (left), Dou Niu (middle), Shaoqi Li (right)

The Yellow Heads (Hànzì: 黄天会, Pinyin: Huángtiānhuì, On'yomi: Kitenkai) are a large gang that operates in Kowloon. The gang is lead by Dou Niu, a large man, who is also incredibly strong. Yuan is second in command and is his right-hand partner, the two also seem to be involved in some kind of romantic relationship. Dou Niu, has some rivalry with Wuying Ren although the exact reason of why they're rivals is not explained. The gang also have connections with the Chi You Men and have been given the mission to find Yuanda Zhu. They are known in Kowloon for their violent methods and blackmailing the locals.

They occupy the Yellow Head Building, the largest building in Kowloon, that has entrances from all three quarters. They also occupy the Big Ox Building, that is thought to be either a section of the Yellow Head Building, or another building altogether that is connected to the Yellow Head Building.

Known members

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