Yigao Wu is a member of the Yellow Heads.

Shenmue II

Yigao is first seen as one of the "landsharks" threatening Guixiang Lee outside the Yan Tin Apartments while Ryo Hazuki is trying to discover the last of the wude, until he stops them.

He is seen again while Guixiang is teaching Ryo the Hind Blow move. He came for payback, armed with a metal pipe, but lets another Yellow Head member Mengxia Zhang handle him. However, their plan ends up failing and the two cowardly flee.

Yigao is encountered again in a couple event battles with the Yellow Heads such as the QTE battle at the stands in the Lucky Charm Quarter, Wan Chai when Shuqin Zhang is captured by the Yellow Heads. He is also seen as one the Yellow Heads trying to stop Ryo and Wuying Ren when they infiltrate the Yellow Head Building in Kowloon.


  • Yigao's zodiac sign is Libra and he has a AB blood type.


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