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Yokosuka (横須賀) is a real city in Japan, the city is built around the United States naval installment in the New Yokosuka Harbor which hires many sailors for military activity. The city contains a high concentration of immigrants, primarily from China and the United States who have established many small businesses or found jobs in the local harbor.



An overhead view of Yamanose, Japan

Yamanose is a small village that is home to a small number of residents. Its most prominent landmarks being the Yamanose Shrine, dedicated to the God Inari, The Hazuki Dojo and the Abe Store. The area is mostly traveled to get to the larger town of Dobuita.



Sakuragaoka is an area located between Yamanose and Dobuita. The area is mostly made up of residential housing, and a construction site.


A night time view of Dobuita Street.

Dobuita is a town that is the center of commerce where many local residents have established small businesses. It is an area many visit from surrounding towns. The area has become a popular spot for sailors who visit the bars at night.

New Yokosuka Harbor District

Yokosuka has a harbor district.