Yong Zhu Yan (Hànzì: 永著燕, Pinyin: Yǒng Zheyàn, On'yomi: Ei Choen) trained under Liu Gong Hui, a tailor who was a member of the Three Blades.


Yong decided to come to Japan, persuaded by Wu Li Xian, a friend whom he honored like a brother. However, he made no progress at all because he wasn’t very good with his fingers and couldn’t save much money. He decided to work at a factory to make better pay. He still respects Liu Gong Hui, but it looks like he doesn’t have what it takes to be a tailor. His present wish is to save a lot of money and build a large house for his parents and siblings in China. Initially he assumed that it would take three years at most, but his plan was changed to five years as he spends a fair amount of money on drinking at Yokosuka Bar in Dobuita.


Ryo Hazuki can come into contact with Yong at Bar Yokosuka when searching for members of the Three Blades. He was referred to him and Wu by Junko Yamamoto. They explain their history as three blade members. They then refer him to Liu-san at Liu Barber & Hair Salon as he knows the Chinese best out of the people in Dobuita.


  • The wording of Yong and Wu's dialogue about their history as three blade members can be different depending on if Ryo speaks to Yong or Wu first or asks the bartender Teruhiko Saijo about them.
  • Yong's zodiac sign is Libra and he has a A blood type.


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