"You here again? You busted up the place last time!"
―Yoshifumi to Ryo returning to his bar after smashing up the place. — Listen (file info)[src]

Yoshifumi Hato (波戸良文 Hatō Yoshifumi) is the bartender of Heartbeats Bar.


Yoshifumi never talks about himself so no one knows about his past or when and why he opened the bar. He has his own standards and judges everything by that measure. He shows affection towards so-called “outsiders” and for this reason, many “outsiders” like hanging out at his bar. He hates normal people with a passion. Rumor has it that Yoshifumi is involved in illegal activities such as drug dealing, but no one knows for sure.


When Ryo Hazuki tries to enter the alley to Yoshifumi's bar during the day time, he will shoo him away saying that he doesn't have time for punk kids.

When Ryo enters the alley at night time, he will fight Tony Abrams and Smith Bradley and ends up defeating them. However, when he tries to enter the bar, Yoshifumi will calmly shoo him away. If Ryo continues to bother him by knocking on the door, Yoshifumi will become a little irritated. [1]

Ryo can enter the bar for the first time once he learns the he must search for sailors. Once he does, Yoshifumi sarcastically hands him a glass of milk due to him being underage. He asks about the sailors, but ends up getting into a fight with the thugs there and destroys Yoshifumi's bar. Yoshifumi gives him information, but only if he never shows his face at the bar again. He tells him about a guy name Charlie Grant who is supposed to know about the Chinese cartel.

After the bar fight, Ryo can continue to knock on the bar door which completely irritates Yoshifumi. Although they made an agreement, Ryo can still enter the bar anytime when it's open, however Yoshifumi gets really irritated about that.


  • Yoshifumi’s zodiac sign is Cancer and has a AB blood type.


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