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Yuan's Room (ユアンの部屋 Yuan no heya) is the apartment where Yuan lives that is located on the 4th floor of the Golden Flower Building and can only be accessed at one point in the game; when Ryo Hazuki and Wuying Ren are following Yuan to rescue Shuqin Zhang.

His room and the door leading inside it are richly decorated, he has a wall full of knives he has collected, a closet of men and women's clothing, and a picture of Dou Niu can be seen on a table. He also has a pet myna bird which he keeps in a birdcage in his room.


  • By performing the "map glitch" method, Ryo can enter Yuan's Room at anytime. It is difficult because you have to perform the glitch at the very end of the stairs. Otherwise Ryo won't be able to pass the connection to the Golden Flower Bldg. Once entering, you can't leave through the door and if you lock on to the jewel box you will stay locked on to it forever. [1]
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