"Who are you? ...Hazuki? Are you Iwao's..."
―Yuanda seeing Ryo

Yuanda Zhu (Hànzì: 朱元達, Pinyin: Zhū Yuándá, On'yomi: Shu Gentatsu) is the owner of the Five Star Corp., which went bankrupt some time ago. Zhu is the one who sent the Chinese letter addressed to Iwao Hazuki warning him about Lan Di's arrival at the Hazuki Residence, but it arrived too late. He also supposedly knows the reason of why Iwao was murdered by Lan Di, and is one of the main reasons Ryo Hazuki travels to Hong Kong.


He wrote a book on martial arts called The Wulinshu (Hànzì: 武林書, Pinyin: Wǔlínshū, On'yomi: Burinsho, lit. "Martial Arts Book").

Zhu went into hiding from the Yellow Heads and the Chi You Men after the death of Iwao Hazuki. He went into hiding in the Ghost Hall Building, an old run-down building in Kowloon. He was the man who sent Iwao Hazuki a warning letter telling him that Lan Di was coming for him, but the letter arrived too late. Lan Di's father Sunming Zhao was also one of Zhu's best friends. Lan Di hates Zhu although it was never revealed why.


Ryo Hazuki first hears about Zhu once he gets a Chinese letter addressed to his father translated by Xia Xiu Yu at Russiya China Shop. The letter was from him, and he warns Iwao Hazuki about those who pursue the mirrors, and to seek the aid Master Chen for assistance as well as leaving his phone number with the password. The letter arrived four days after Iwao was murdered by Lan Di.

Once Ryo meets Master Chen, he says how Zhu and Iwao brought back a certain mirror from China. Ryo explains how the Dragon Mirror was stolen by Lan Di. Master Chen reveals that there is one more mirror, the Phoenix Mirror that may possibly still be at the Hazuki Residence. Once Ryo finds the mirror it is revealed the Lan Di did not know that Iwao had both mirrors.

Later on, when Chai ambushes Ryo at You Arcade, he demands he tell him all he knows about Zhu as Lan Di hates Zhu.

After the final fight with Chai, and right before Ryo boards the boat to Hong Kong, Master Chen reveals that he does not know where Zhu is as he went into hiding, but instead gives him an introduction letter to a Hong Kong master he knows can be trusted named Lishao Tao.

Shenmue II

After meeting Lishao Tao and finding out that her real name is in fact Xiuying Hong, Ryo goes around Wan Chai to find out more about Zhu. Xiuying is reluctant to tell him information due to her fearing he will fall onto the wrong path due to his desire for vengeance. He finds out that Zhu was the owner of a company called Five Stars Corp. that went bankrupt many years ago. He also learns that he wrote a book on martial arts called "The Wulinshu" which is kept in Man Mo Temple, the temple where Xiuying is the master of. Xiuying eventually gives Ryo the key to the locked safe where the book is in the library once he clears his mind by catching falling leaves three times consecutively. Once Ryo reads some of the book, he sees the name Sunming Zhao who he learns was a master of Tiger Swallow Style. He remembers that Lan Di spoke of him right before he murdered Iwao. A piece of paper falls out the book after this which is Ryo's only clue to Zhu. He learns from Guixiang Lee that the paper shows the Chawan Sign, a code which martial artists use to communicate with each other. She says if someone who works with Zhu sees the sign they'll recognize it.

After performing the Chawan Sign at the Dou Jiang Diner, Ryo comes into contact with Shuqin Zhang an aide of Yuanda Zhu. Before they can even really speak, the Yellow Heads break into the restaurant and capture Zhang. After fighting off over several Yellow Head members in the Lucky Charm Quarter, Ryo is able to rescue him. Back at the Diner, Zhang reveals even he does not know where Zhu has hidden. But he does give him a new lead, to meet the leader of a gang called The Heavens in Aberdeen known as Ren of Heavens. Eventually after all his struggles to get answers from Ren, he finally reveals that Zhu is located in Kowloon and he travels there with Ryo as he feels money is involved.

Eventually after many struggles with the Yellow Head gang in Kowloon and their efforts to capture Yuanda Zhu, Ryo learns that Zhu is in the Ghost Hall Building. Ryo had to walk on very tiny wooden planks to even get to the room where Zhu was at on the 10th floor. Once in the room, Ryo inserts the keys he found in the room into the Buddha statue. This unlocks a pathway behind the statue to the room where Zhu has been hiding all this time. Ryo finally is able to meet him face to face, but then soon right after, Dou Niu, Yuan and other Yellow Head thugs come in and capture Zhu.

Eventually after many battles and struggles, Ryo and his friends find Zhu at the top of the Yellow Head Building. Zhu is about to be forced to enter a helicopter with Lan Di, with Dou Niu as a guard. Ryo fights Dou Niu and rescues Zhu.

Back at Ren's Hideout, Zhu reveals that Lan Di's real name is Longsun Zhao and that Iwao was killed by Lan Di in an act of vengeance because he killed his father Sunming Zhao. Ryo does not believe this, and Zhu claims he thinks that this happened and that it may not be true. All he knows is that Zhao died. Zhu provides Ryo with crucial information regarding the true purpose of the dragon and phoenix mirrors. It is revealed that the mirrors will lead to the resurrection of an ancient order, known as the Qing Dynasty. Ryo is advised to continue his search in Bailu Village, in remote Guilin.


  • Zhu's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a AB blood type.


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