Yuji Hirano is a high school student living in Sakuragaoka that attends the same high school as Ryo Hazuki, although a grade lower than him. He is the son of Suguru Hirano and the younger brother of Minako Hirano.


Yuji doesn't fantasize about, or have many expectations of women because he was brought up with a sister who acts one way in front of the family and then completely different (pretending to be ladylike) in front of guys. He feels very awkward when girls come up to him to ask, "Do you know what kind of girl Ryo likes?" He has mixed feelings because he respects him as a strong and cool guy, but he often feels second-rate in comparison. Watching the way his sister acts, he can't help thinking that college would be useless. Instead, he wishes to live like Ryo, who has a firm objective. Because he has no particular interest at the moment, Yuji frequently goes to the arcade on his way home, leaving the difficult thinking until later. Maybe he and his sister think alike, though they are not aware of it.


  • Yuji's zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a B blood type.
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