"Something so terrible happened because of the mirror my family created."
―Yunshen Yuan

Yunshen Yuan (Hànzì: 袁雲深, Pinyin: Yuán Yúnshēn, On'yomi: En Unshin) is a character in Shenmue III. He is Shenhua's adoptive father and the most prominent stonemason in Bailu Village. His family worked the Phantom River stone from ages and sculpted both the Dragon and Phoenix Mirror, and their huge replicas in the Bailu Stone Pit. Yuan is an old man and, according to Shenhua, severely ill.

Shenmue II

Yuan is not seen in Shenmue II, however when Ryo and Shenhua reach her house, Yuan is absent. The two heroes later find in the Stone Pit a letter Yuan wrote before disappearing. In such letter, the old stonemason tells Shenhua to stay with "the one who holds the Phoenix" and entrusts to her the Sword of Seven Stars, a treasure of his family.

Shenmue III

In Shenmue III, Ryo and Shenhua find out that Yuan had been kidnapped alongside Guowei Xu , another stonemason, by some thugs sent by the Chi You Men to Bailu. The two heroes later get to know that their enemies have brought the old stonemasons to Niaowu and keep them locked in a cell of the city castle. Ryo will manage to free them at the end of his adventure in Niaowu.

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