Yuriko Kikuchi (Kanji: 菊池優理子, Rōmaji: Kikuchi Yuriko) is an employee at Smiley Flower Shop in Dobuita, Yokosuka.


Yuriko's father works as a banker and, as a result, had to move around a lot for business. She was originally born in Nagoya, lived in Osaka during her elementary school years, and came to Yokosuka when she entered junior high school. Her family had to move again to Fukuoka by the time she was in her third year of high school, so she remained behind in an apartment in Oiwa Apartments to finish her high school career.

Once she finished high school and entered college, she began working at the florist, gaining the confidence and trust of the owner, Junichiro Nemoto, enough that he left most of the running of the shop to her while he took care of another business he owned. As such, alot of people believe that Yuriko actually owns the shop.

Recently, she has started dating Shiro Kurita, and has begun to think that she would like to remain in Dobuita forever.


  • Yuriko's zodiac sign is Aries and she has a A blood type.
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