Zhangyu Kong (Hànzì: 孔張喩, Pinyin: Kǒng Zhāngyù, On'yomi: Kō Chōyu) is the owner of Zhangyu Barber's Shop on Three Blades Street in the Lucky Charm Quarter, Wan Chai and a known Martial Arts expert. He may look menacing, but is actually a nice person. He is also an acquaintance of Xiuying Hong.


Zhangyu offers to explain the wude to Ryo Hazuki while giving his hair a trim. Explaining, as he sharpens his blade in a threatening manner, he says how those who stray are often hated by other martial artists, even killed when off guard. He then threatens Ryo with the blade to his throat but tells him not to move no matter what happens. Ryo remains calm; Zhangyu is impressed with his guts. What he had been building up to was the wude principle "DAN", be brave and stay calm to make the right decision.


  • Zhangyu's zodiac sign is Scorpio and he has a B blood type.
  • Zhangyu has a height of 165 cm and a weight of 59 kg.


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