"Would you mind showing me some of your moves?"
―Zhen Wei

Zhen Wei (Hànzì: 韋珍, Pinyin: Wéi Zhēn, On'yomi: Wei Chen) is a young martial artist from Bailu Village. She's one of the closest friend of Shenhua, alongside Meimei Mao. She's a student of grandmaster Feng and she's interested in Japanese martial arts. She usually trains in the Sunflower Grove, and she's always ready to train with Ryo until dusk.

Shenmue III

Wei is a young girl whose only interest seems martial arts. However, when Ryo is asked by a boy coming from a nearby city, to ask Wei about her possible love interests, she thinks that Ryo is trying to ask her for a date. Once Ryo clears up the misunderstanding, she states she cannot date anyone who's weaker than her, nor brave enough to ask her directly such things.


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