Zhengye Luo is a young boy who works selling goods at one of the many stands in the White Dynasty Quarter of Wan Chai. His stand deals in ducks, although there is nothing for Ryo Hazuki to buy.

Shenmue II

If Ryo performs the Chawan Sign at the nearby Bai Jiu Stand, he will come across Dian Wei, Zheng Chun and Fu Shi Ren, three members of the Yellow Heads, threatening Zhengye and demanding money from him in order to keep his duck stand open. If the Command QTE is passed, Ryo saves Zhengye from the Yellow Heads, he will offer Ryo a duck in return as a thank you. If the Command QTE is failed, Ryo gets hit by one of the members then he tells Zhengye to run, so he runs away and Ryo gets beat up by the Yellow Heads.


  • Zhengye's zodiac sign is Sagittarius and he has a A blood type.


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