Zhenji Teng (籐真伎 Téng Zhēnjì) is the waitress at the Lai Lai Eatery in Worker's Pier, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.


Zhenji is the daughter of Yueying Yan and the step-daughter of Baolai Yan. It has been four years since her mother remarried, but she is still not doing well with her parents. She wants to improve the relationship, so she tries to be open.

Shenmue II

After smashing a table while chasing Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery, Ryo Hazuki can compensate for the damages he caused and will be given the Big Bronze Medal by Zhenji as a reward for his kind gesture. [1]


  • Zhenji's zodiac sign is Aquarius and she has a O blood type.


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