Zhou Yue is a member of the Chi You Men.

Shenmue II

Zhou is first seen when the Yellow heads capture Shuqin Zhang walking with Guanguan Yuan in the White Dynasty Quarter. After Ryo Hazuki beats up some of the Yellow Head members, Zhou is shocked, then Yuan trys to attack Ryo with a pole, until he trips him. Without anyone seeing, Xiuying Hong knocks out Zhou and the other Yellow Head members. He is seen later on the rooftop of the Yellow Head Building with Yuanda Zhu held captive. Wuying Ren knocks him out.


  • Zhou's zodiac sign is Capricorn and he has a A blood type.
  • Some fans mistaken Zhou for the Man in Black Suit B that appeared when Iwao Hazuki was murdered due to them looking alike, but they are actually different people. They have completely different ages, birthdays, weights, heights, blood types, and zodiac signs.


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