" Hey handsome! Let me take your photo! "
―Zhouji before taking Ryo's unwanted photo [src]

Zhouji Lin is a photographer that preys on tourists in Aberdeen.

Shenmue II

When Ryo Hazuki first arrives in Hong Kong, Zhouji takes a picture of him. Jiangyu Ding warned him that he will try to sell the photo to him later.

She was right, later on, Zhouji tries to sell the photo to him for $50. He refuses, then Zhouji keeps bothering him by constantly lowering the price and not letting him pass, this ends when Joy comes and tells him to take another photo and offered to pay for both photos. Zhouji takes a photo of both Ryo and Joy together. Joy keeps the photo of Ryo and gives the photo of them together to him. Joy then rides off on her motorcycle without paying. Zhouji then chases her.


  • Zhouji's Zodiac sign is Cancer and he has a AB blood type.


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