"I will not forgive them! I'm going to find those who killed Dad and Mom! The Chiyoumen know. I'll take my revenge even if I have to sell my soul."
―Ziming to his sister

Ziming Hong (Hànzì: 紅紫明, Pinyin: Hóng Zǐmíng, On'yomi: Kō Shimei) is Xiuying Hong's brother.



Xiuying begs Ziming not to leave her in a flashback.

After being orphaned as children after their parents were murdered, Ziming swore revenge against the people that murdered their parents. Ziming then leaves Xiuying alone, despite her pleas for him to stay, to join the Chi You Men, believing that they would know who was responsible for the murder of his parents. Promising that he would return afterward, Ziming gives Xiuying half of his Yin Yang stone, keeping the other half with him.

Xiuying never saw Ziming again after that moment, and she fears he has fallen onto the wrong path.

Shenmue Side Story

Xiuying's fears came to light as it is heavily implied Ziming joined the Chi You Men. He is seen with Niao Sun who asks him what his Yin Yang stone is. He tells her that she does not need to know. He hopes Xiuying will become stronger than he is.

Shenmue II


Xiuying missing her brother.

Ever since her brother left her, Xiuying feels strongly about those who seek revenge and risk their lives while not thinking about her loved ones, so she feels compelled to teach Ryo Hazuki the dangers of revenge. At one point, Ryo sees Xiuying shed a tear while looking at a photo of her with her brother.

Ryo Hazuki was given Xiuying's half of the Yin Yang stone. It is possible that at some point in his path that the two men will meet, with unknown consequences.


  • Ziming's birthdate, zodiac sign, and blood type are unknown.
  • There is a theory that Ziming became one of the Chi You Men four main leaders, although Yu Suzuki said this is not true. It is more likely that he is simply a member.


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